We need to be careful when taking supplements as nothing replaces a well-balanced diet. Meal replacements look to give you an excess amount of nutrients in an effort to bypass meals, these have been used for individuals who are looking for weight loss, or who may suffer from  allergies, medical deficiencies  or just  do not eat well. At times excess nutrients ingested can actually be harmful to the body.  Qvita’s vitamin supplement is used to help supplement your diet i.e fill in the gaps in nutrition, as well as boost baseline energy levels and provide specially formulated vitamins that otherwise typically have to be converted by the liver into their active form. Qvita’s vitamin is ready for action, add 3-4 fluid ounces of water and drink.  It is absorbed immediately and the energy effects you get will be noticeable!

Many individuals feel convinced that by supplementing, they may not have to eat certain meals or bypass certain food groups. It is important that everybody understands there is no substitute for a well balanced diet! No matter how good the supplement the ideal situation is that you eat the correct foods throughout the day.  A good multivitamin like Qvita is meant to supplement what you are already doing nutritionally in a day and should not be used to replace all the nutrients you need.  That being said, there are food replacements that exist on the market today that people do use especially if they have medical conditions that require they do something drastic to get the nutrient they need. There is always an exception to the rule.  But if you have a working gastrointestinal system and no precluding medical conditions then meal replacements most likely are not necessary.  Eating should be a pleasant experience the smells and flavors cannot be substituted by replacements or supplements.  Qvita’s premier multivitamin is a great way to supplement your regular diet by making sure to fill in the gaps of lacking nutrition or depleted nutrients form strenuous exercise. Most of us have fast paced lives and don’t always have the time to prepare well balanced meals .  We feel constant fatigue and a lack of time. Qvita supplements are designed to supplement your life.