The 21st Century Multi-Vitamin Upgrade

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Qvita’s Premiere Multi-Vitamin helps add balance to your body’s daily needs by combining the vitamins and nutrients your body craves. We have devised this product to be used once a day. It is in a simple powdered form, with active ingredients that can be absorbed rapidly by the body to supplement and provide the nutrients you need to function well.

This multi-vitamin is more than just a “multi.” We have combined additional nutrients to help with the all-round function of the body from immune system to circulation and heart health. This gives you the convenience and confidence you need to go out in the world with the necessary feeling of vitality to accomplish all your daily goals and more!  All of our products are made without artificial preservatives or other foreign substances that could be harmful to you.

60-day supply
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Mix with 3-4 oz. of your liquid of choice
Over 45 vitamins & minerals
Made with real cocoa extract for a great taste
Premium ingredients made in the USA
100% vegan & all natural

$65 (two-month supply)