Powder vs. tablet vitamins will differ in their mechanism of absorption and ability to be swallowed. A tablet has to be broken down by the body to get the vitamin powder absorbed into the system. This takes time. Whereas the powder form when mixed with liquid enables the body to absorb immediately as it does not have to convert a solid substance into liquid form for absorption, therefore the onset of action is quicker. Qvitas multivitamin is a powder form that tastes great is easy to swallow and highly soluble in water/liquid. This gives it the advantage of immediate absorption once entering the body and thereby maximizes the effect of the supplement ingredients.

Further, other forms of supplement can be taken in capsule form.  This has a barrier around the contents inside of it that has to be broken down by the body’s enzymes and acid before the ingredients can be absorbed by the body.  Of course, this can take time whereas a powder form is absorbed as soon as you ingest it and therefore you feel the effects quicker. One of the reasons Qvita introduced a powder formula was because you can pack a much more powerful punch in terms of multiple ingredients.  Capsule or tablet forms are restricted in use by their size or how much you can actually place inside of a capsule, as well as what you can actually swallow.

This brings up another problem that we see, convenience of use.  Many supplement manufacturers require multiple dosing to get the effects of their ingredients; 3 capsules 3 times daily etc. This is because they can only fit so many ingredients in a capsule or a pill for you to feel the effects.   This is a most inconvenient way of getting what you need, especially in a busy schedule when you’re constantly on the go. That’s why Qvita opted for a powder form. Not only is it convenient but if you can’t swallow pills or tablets it is the best way to get the nutrient that you need now. Quick, convenient, and once a day!