Qvita’s multivitamin and many other marketed multivitamins vary in their total ingredients. We combined our medical knowledge and experience and studied the properties of varying ingredients as well as the optimal dose of each one to make people feel healthier and more energetic. We avoided the concept of more is better as this is not the case with nutritional supplements.  Your body can only absorb so much but we aimed to maximize that effect by offering a combination of ingredients that pack a powerful punch in a once a day dosing. One scoop, 3-4 fluid ounces of water and that’s it for the day. Voila!

Also, Qvita ingredients are all natural and contain no artificial sweetners or fillers like many other vitamins on the market today. Our innovative formula is designed to maximize your day and unleash the potential in you.

Everybody has a different need, different work schedule and different levels of energy that they have to expend daily. This makes gauging the actual nutrient required to sustain energy needs across the board very challenging. To accomplish this task at Qvita we realized there is a general baseline that everybody has. We took this baseline and expanded on it with nutrients that would not only encompass daily requirements but also provide energy to sustain you on a daily basis.

To further add to this we did something quite innovative. We decided to make the vitamin a powder infused with cocoa extract.  The taste is also part of the energy process by using raw cocoa extract. This is an incredible ingredient, not only does it taste great but it is packed full of medicinal benefits. From blood pressure to antioxidant properties cocoa is one of medicines best kept secrets.

Everybody craves energy, vitality and longevity and to reach this goal is a constant battle. It is our goal to achieve this with you. We have taken all the ingredients thinking of you and what we can do to enhance your life as we believe the backbone of everything comes down to healthy nutrition. Allow Qvita to enhance your day and enhance your life!

Order now and discover the Qvita difference for yourself!