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Our Ultimate Joint Support once a day formula is designed to act fast to decrease inflammation/pain and help with all aspects of joint relief and health.  Qvita’s Ultimate Joint Support has been specifically engineered to answer your body’s call for joint/pain relief by reducing inflammation and providing the nutrients your joints need for continued health, repair, and rejuvenation.

  • Once a Day Formula
  • 60 Day Supply
  • Fast-Acting for Quick Joint Relief
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Over 10 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 100% All Natural & Preservative Free
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Our Ultimate Joint Support once a day formula is designed to act fast to decrease inflammation/pain and help with all aspects of joint relief and health. Do your joints hurt? Bone pain or arthritic pain is so debilitating that it affects daily routines and life, keeping you from doing the things you used to do because it’s too painful. Well, there is an answer.

Qvita’s Ultimate Joint Support has been specifically engineered to answer your body’s call for joint/pain relief by reducing inflammation and providing the nutrients your joints need for continued health, repair, and rejuvenation. We have combined our knowledge and expertise to bring you a product of the highest quality, without artificial preservatives or other foreign substances that could be harmful to you.

Glucosamine Sulfate is a naturally occurring chemical found in the covering of shell fish. This sugar is also found in the fluids surrounding joints and can be synthesized in a lab. Uses: Osteoarthritis pain, joint health, bladder pain, multiple sclerosis, eye health, glaucoma, and weight loss.
Chondroitin is a chemical found in the cartilage of our joints, as well as in sharks and cows. Uses: Reduces osteoarthritis pain and slows breakdown of joints. Lowers the risk of heart disease, supports healthy cholesterol, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Also used for eye health, dry eyes, and psoriasis.
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a chemical found in humans, animals, and plants. It can also be manufactured in a laboratory. Uses: Improves symptoms of chronic arthritis and related conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and scleroderma). Reduces joint pain, muscle pain, tendonitis, bursitis, and muscle cramps. Used for stretch marks, hair loss, sunburn protection, anti-aging, wound healing, gum disease, eye health, energy boosting, blood circulation, sugar regulation, bowel function, stomach health, mood, and blood pressure support.
Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in the body, mostly in our joints and eyes. It can also be manufactured in the laboratory from bacteria. Uses: Improves symptoms of osteoarthritis. Supports eye health, wound healing, and has anti- aging properties. Improves skin wrinkles and reduces mouth sores.
Manganese is a trace mineral that helps boost the immune system and is involved in cell healing, growth and development. Uses: Treats manganese deficiency. Helps growth function in children, bone health, anemia, and wound healing.
Vitamin C is water soluble and is involved in many of the body’s metabolic processes. This vitamin acts as an antioxidant for reducing inflammation, improving brain function, and helping to grow and regenerate muscle and injured tissue in the body. Uses: Prevents and treats Vitamin C deficiency and scurvy, helps absorb iron, lowers tyrosine (amino acid) a genetic disorder, prevents vision loss in macular degeneration, and supports stomach health. Prevents spilling protein in urine, helps prevent atherosclerosis and cancer, supports kidney function, reduces skin inflammation, prevents upper respiratory infections, and decreases duration of infection. Prevents gallbladder disease in women. Improves anemia, decreases systolic blood pressure, and prevents cartilage loss. Helps with osteoarthritis, muscle strength, and endurance. Helps in protecting against sunburn, wrinkles, and aging.
Astaxanthin belongs to a group of chemicals known as carotenoids and is reddish in appearance. It occurs in certain algae and is responsible for the pink or red color seen in salmon, shrimp, and other seafood. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system and offers other anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Uses: Stroke prevention, heart health, and cholesterol support. Major antioxidant used in Alzheimer’s (memory health), Parkinson’s, eye health (macular degeneration), strengthening of immune system, and as an anti-inflammatory. Also used for anti-aging and skin health (wrinkles and skin moistening).
Lycopene is a naturally occurring antioxidant chemical responsible for the red color in fruits and vegetables. Lycopene helps prevent and repair damaged cells from free radicals (breakdown of food from metabolism) and thereby, helps boost the immune system. Uses: Treats lycopene deficiency. Prevents cell damage and breakdown, helps gum disease, and assists in improving cancer of prostate and pancreas.
Turmeric is from the turmeric plant that is often a main ingredient in curries. As an antioxidant, it contains chemicals that are anti-inflammatory in nature. Uses: Decreases arthritis symptoms, such as joint pain, and boosts immunity. Supports memory, heart health, digestive health, liver and kidney health, wound healing, skin health, and healthy blood sugar. Used for stomach pain, H-pylori infections, bloating, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer, upper respiratory symptoms, and gum disease.
BioPerine ® is an extract obtained from the black pepper fruit. BioPerine® significantly enhances the bio-availability of various supplement nutrients through increased absorption and offers anti-inflammatory properties. Uses: Reduces inflammation, stomach inflammatory symptoms, bronchitis symptoms, nerve pain, and helps in colon and liver cancers.
Chokeberries are the most powerful antioxidant fruit in North America, with higher antioxidant values than other fruits. Therefore, it not only gives a major boost to the immune system to prevent and fight off infection, but it also helps with the well-being of the entire body. Uses: Most powerful antioxidant fruit in North America. Aids in prevention of cell break down, boosts immunity, energy level, and blood circulation. Supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Considered cancer fighting and an anti-inflammatory.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

9 reviews for Qvita Ultimate Joint Support

  1. Captsm2c (verified owner)

    I have been taking the ultimate joint support for a few months now. I am ultimately shocked at the results. I’ve had severe knee pain for a few years now from exercise and athletics. I can honestly say I’m pain free. I have been able to return to my leg training of squats and deadlifts without any pain. I am 62 years old and I’ve never felt better. Thanks Dr. Nick.

  2. Richard Swartz (verified owner)

    I have been taking this for about 6 months it has noticeably helped my arthritic right shoulder. I highly recommend.

  3. pogo2697 (verified owner)

    If they make it, I take it. In a short amount of time these supplements have noticeably improved my health and my life. I have more energy, less joint pain and all my vitals have improved. It should be required that everyone take these supplements, they truly work.

  4. Amy D.

    I’ve noticed quicker recovery time and increased flexibility during my yoga practice. This entire line of supplements has made a world of difference in my overall health and sense of wellbeing.

  5. A Crocker (verified owner)

    I love this. I was already taking Glucosamin and Condroitin for tendonitis in my elbows and knee pain when working out. After taking Qvita for a couple of weeks I no longer needed knee compression sleeves when doing martial arts – no more pain. My tendonitis is gone as well. I accidentally ran out and before I got my new bottle I was starting to feel the tendonitis coming back. As soon as I got back on it, all better!

  6. Malcolm (verified owner)

    I was having joint pain in my left hip. Since I started QVITA Ultimate Joint Support, I no longer have pain in my joint. I like the taste, therefore, it is easy for me to take. I would recommend this to anyone with joint pain. This really works!!!

  7. K. Brown (verified owner)

    I am on day 3 & I feel like a new person, I’m walking without a limp, & the pain went from an 8 to a 2. WOW I’m amazed, this product is a
    Miracle. Thank You!!!

  8. Ann

    While at work one day I was experiencing severe foot and Achilles tendon pain. This was preventing me from doing my job thoroughly since I am on my feet 80% of the day. I scheduled an appointment with a podiatrist and had some testing done which showed that I have a heel spur and mild plantar fasciitis. After trying all the recommendations which were to buy shoes with better support, heel cup inserts, daily a.m. stretches and to wear a night time foot brace, all of this helped but I was still not 100%. Currently, I am an obese woman, which I know I need to lose weight. Eating right helps me stay consistent with my weight, however being in the gym and active will help me lose weight but the pain is just too unbearable. I felt like there was no help. After discussing my issues with some colleagues I was advised to try Qvita Ultimate Joint Support. The first day I tried it, I thought WOW this tastes great, it’s very fruity which is really nice as I can mix it with water or juice. I was told that I would noticed results over a week or two. In my case, I immediately noticed a relief of inflammation and tension in my ankles. I have been on the supplements for 2 months now and I absolutely love this product. My Achilles tendon no longer aches. My work performance has improved and I feel like I am moving around faster which has motivated me to get in the gym at least 3-4 days a week. I am so grateful for this product!!!

  9. Katherine

    I bought the Qvita Joint Support for a friend of mine in his late 20’s that has a bad knee. Doctors have gone back and forth with whether or not surgery is a great option and every time he chooses to opt out of surgery because of complications that he could face after the surgery and he feels he is too young to face surgery if there are other things out there that can help. Too say the least, he is the most active he has been in years due to this Joint support. He plays basketball daily and is back in the gym like he was in his early 20’s. His inflammation has decreased substantially, his knee no longer swells up after activity and he feels amazing with it. The flavor makes it even better as well (fruity). I recommend this product for anyone that suffers from inflammation in their joints and arthritis aches and pains definitely!

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